Is Facebook a good strategy?

The Belgian Marc Bresseel, the new vice-president of Advertising at Microsoft, explained it simply in De Morgen newspaper.

He hits the nail on the head: “There’s no silver bullet in marketing anymore. Our media behaviour is so diversified that you need a good mix: from radio and TV, across social media, to online video.” It’s good to hear this with the right nuance from someone who should only care about online advertising.

If I’d read the article two days earlier, I could have used it in my course for communicating with the media. On this course a participant asked if it was ‘a good strategy to be on Facebook’. I had to disappoint him. Using Facebook is often a good idea, but it is not a good strategy. Running one type of campaign can never be a strategy. Or as Bresseel would perhaps put it: for a good strategy, you need a good mix.

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