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Has Watson found the Grail?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a hot topic again thanks to Watson from IBM. Automatic translation has often been considered the Holy Grail of AI. Countless knights from the world of AI have been searching for it. But literary text translation and poetry in particular have so far only made computers look foolish. The Grail of AI has remained elusive as it can only be found by a “hero who must prove himself worthy to be in its presence. He … Continue reading

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Quick Response journalism

More and more people are using smartphones, e-books, iPads and so also QR codes. These codes are part of the future of journalism, really. QR codes were actually developed to better identify and catalogue spare parts for cars, but now, as I stand by the tram-stop at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam, I can see a QR code on a billboard which I can use to get information about sports shoes on my smartphone, and even design and order my own … Continue reading

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