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Proving ROI is really tough

Springtime, finally. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Time for a good grumble about sales managers who claim they can prove their return on investment, because in fact they cannot. The context of the story? Communication, of course. Our customers know that communication works (otherwise they probably wouldn’t be customers). Quite a few prospects think differently, however. Because they have doubts for many reasons, they often ask us to prove the return on investment for communications in advance. … Continue reading

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My privacy

Just before the WikiLeaks story broke, I was interviewed about online privacy for the Pros and Cons article in Digital Life Magazine. I stated that you can look at it from three different perspectives: as an individual; in a relationship between two or more people; and as a government. In the interview I spoke mainly about online privacy for individuals. Afterwards, I got several responses. “You certainly have more faith in the government than I do,” was one response to … Continue reading

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Those negative journalists from Reuters!

People who can read between the lines will notice that the top man at VBO (Federation of Enterprises in Belgium), Rudi Thomaes, is being reprimanded today. Yesterday, in an interview with the news agency Reuters, he aired some bad news about Belgium and its economic prospects. According to De Standaard, Thomaes claims the opposite: “I gave Reuters a very balanced answer.” This is not something that you do if you want to give really strategic press interviews. Thomaes should have … Continue reading

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