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Cegeka verwerft webbedrijf DigiPoint

Veenendaal, 28 april 2011   De Cegeka-groep heeft de Belgische e-business integrator DigiPoint overgenomen. Met deze volledige acquisitie versterkt Cegeka zijn internetafdeling. DigiPoint is gespecialiseerd in de ontwikkeling van webtoepassingen, intranetten en corporate websites. Het bedrijf haalt een jaaromzet van 5 miljoen euro en telt 56 werknemers. Cegeka beschikt al over een uitgebreid team webontwikkelaars. “Onze nieuwe dochteronderneming DigiPoint vult onze bestaande webdiensten goed aan. We verruimen onze kennis van Microsoft .NET en Microsoft SharePoint en onze klanten kunnen voortaan … Continue reading

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One press release per week

We have been negotiating with a potential new client since the beginning of the year. It’s a French-American company that is asking us to send out thirty press releases in the coming year, and also possibly try and set up two press interviews. They want to pay us handsomely for this. We don’t want anything to do with it. Perhaps this isn’t very sensible of us and we should be a bit more opportunistic. Should we take the money and … Continue reading

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To communicate is to undertake

In a blind round of cuts, a company sets its communication budget as zero. Why doesn’t this happen with production, R&D, logistics or in the sales team? They can usually just carry on at full speed so that the soul of the company is not affected. But it’s this soul that you have to communicate with the outside world about. Too many business leaders still don’t know how. Stop a hundred of them on the street and ask them about … Continue reading

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