To communicate is to undertake

In a blind round of cuts, a company sets its communication budget as zero. Why doesn’t this happen with production, R&D, logistics or in the sales team? They can usually just carry on at full speed so that the soul of the company is not affected. But it’s this soul that you have to communicate with the outside world about.

Too many business leaders still don’t know how. Stop a hundred of them on the street and ask them about a sensible communication benchmark, or about two criteria for evaluating their communication employees. It will be a pretty lukewarm response.

So what’s the solution? I can’t answer that very specifically, but in general: make communication a part of your business strategy, because it’s a risk-investment like every other business investment. With a mix of your own experience, other people’s proven experience, advice, vision and gut-feeling, you’ll get there. Just like always in business.

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