One press release per week

We have been negotiating with a potential new client since the beginning of the year. It’s a French-American company that is asking us to send out thirty press releases in the coming year, and also possibly try and set up two press interviews. They want to pay us handsomely for this. We don’t want anything to do with it.

Perhaps this isn’t very sensible of us and we should be a bit more opportunistic. Should we take the money and run? No, because this client would be gone again in a year anyway, dissatisfied and looking for a new PR agency. So we’re trying to convince them to have a different approach.

This is a company with a couple of thousand employees that had twenty press releases in Belgium last year, which unfortunately didn’t result in any articles. By changing to a new PR agency, and sending out even more press releases, they are counting on improvement. Smells like therapeutic persistence?

Specialists versus generalists
Any relatively unknown B2B company does indeed need a different approach. On one hand you have companies which want to keep specialising further and further. On the other hand you have journalists who are becoming generalists more and more. So everything starts with closing this knowledge gap. Only then can you start to suggest why your company is interesting, economically necessary and socially relevant. It goes without saying that you can’t do this with weekly press releases. You need a more organic approach.

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