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An army of PR managers twittering

There are three types of companies: companies without a PR manager; companies with a single PR manager; and companies where 80% of employees think they’re PR managers too. It used to be hard enough for the real PR managers in this last category, and now it’s become even more difficult. It’s important that every policy is followed up consistently. That’s why PR managers need to keep strategies for communicating with the press as strict as possible. Keeping publicity-loving colleagues on … Continue reading

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Let’s organise a flashmob

We don’t talk about it very much because we specialise in communication for technology companies, but we have quite a few clients in the government. These are nice people who are looking for a more professional manner of communicating, but some of them are suffering from a dangerous disease: the spectacular stunt disease. This “spectacular stunt disease” is an illness which makes people lose sight of good communication policy’s basic activities, because they keep on wanting to do something special: … Continue reading

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Infographics, how nice

Every now and then, so-called innovations in social media need a ‘reality-check’ in the form of a hefty kick up the backside. Hyped infographics are a good example of such an innovation – especially because they don’t work as a replacement for press releases. Press releases are good at distributing news efficiently to a large group of journalists. And at present there is no alternative method equally good at serving this purpose. I’m not saying that good infographics are not … Continue reading

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