An army of PR managers twittering

There are three types of companies: companies without a PR manager; companies with a single PR manager; and companies where 80% of employees think they’re PR managers too. It used to be hard enough for the real PR managers in this last category, and now it’s become even more difficult.

It’s important that every policy is followed up consistently. That’s why PR managers need to keep strategies for communicating with the press as strict as possible. Keeping publicity-loving colleagues on an equally short leash is also very important. The media don’t sit and wait to release reports about your company every day, so if they publish anything, make sure they do it right. That way you can highlight the core themes about your company, not just the latest news bit. PR managers concentrate on these core themes; hyperactive colleagues don’t – they prefer the hypes and the news bits.

Recently, something new has emerged to help advance these news bits. It’s called Twitter and it’s very good at it. So all the would-be PR managers have found something that can help them. They are now bypassing their PR manager and simply tweet straight to the journalists. Here Dave, write something about this. Alright Steve, do something with that. To the detriment of journalists. To the detriment of PR managers. To the detriment of everyone.

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