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It won’t work with Twitter alone

Twitter continues to be hot and according to my client, let’s call him Patrick, it’s still the ideal medium for communicating about his company. It doesn’t require much effort to sometimes send 140 characters around the world, and according to some, you don’t even need to think about it too much beforehand. Twitter is interesting if you are following the right people. And Twitter becomes really interesting if the right people are following you. But how do you attract these … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a spokesperson

In the lead up to our social media for B2B companies product launch, we spent some time thinking about what the real impact would be if the subject of the hype really took off. The private impact is patently obvious. My oldest son bought himself an electric guitar this summer but is unfortunately surrounded only by passive music fans. Even so, he taught himself the intro to Sex On Fire thanks to a kind British man who had posted an … Continue reading

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