It won’t work with Twitter alone

Twitter continues to be hot and according to my client, let’s call him Patrick, it’s still the ideal medium for communicating about his company. It doesn’t require much effort to sometimes send 140 characters around the world, and according to some, you don’t even need to think about it too much beforehand. Twitter is interesting if you are following the right people. And Twitter becomes really interesting if the right people are following you. But how do you attract these other bigwigs to your watering hole?

If you are the CEO of a well-known company which comes out with an innovative product every quarter and has profits that bring smiles to shareholders’ faces, then you’ll follow these tweeting journalists. Even if you have just created a Twitter account ‘because everyone’s got one’ and you’ve never tweeted a single tweet, everyone will be there like a flash to welcome you. You are floating on the reputation of your company.

But what should our Patrick – who is not yet one of the leading players in his speciality – do with Twitter? He can’t dazzle journalists with flashy new products or wild profit margins. He occasionally releases a press report, but it isn’t picked up as front page news. But he does have founded opinions, and a lot of satisfied customers who have lovingly supplied him with customer feedback.

I want to advise Patrick to blog first before getting started with Twitter. Only using Twitter as a medium to promote yourself and your company doesn’t make any sense. The online community doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know what he has to say. Why would people want to follow him? He can explain his views on business-related matters and include the necessary nuances in the texts and video better in a blog. This can enable him to gradually build up a reading public and demonstrate that he has an interesting opinion. He can then use the content that he already has in a ‘social’ way. He could promote his customer feedback on Twitter or post a short link to his videos on YouTube.

You can hit the bull’s-eye with the right combination of good content and Twitter, as long as you feed them both the necessary portions.

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