Improved returns from your testimonials

Your marketing department will soon be using a new concept, because “Testimonial 2.0″ is arriving. The biggest difference from the traditional, written client testimonial? Version 2.0 ensures many more readers. This is yet another way for communication to support your sales.

Word-of-mouth advertising is very affordable and credible. To give this process a helping hand, almost every company is producing text and video about their best clients and projects. And they’re right to do so.

About the blog. In most cases they are very affordable and credible. Furthermore, a blog can serve to promote word-of-mouth advertising and we are happy to give that process a helping hand.

One plus one is two: we are putting all out client testimonials in one blog. And there you have it, Testimonial 2.0 is born. A brief text with a video, a download link to a long text version in PDF format, with a tag cloud, Google optimisation, links to the client’s website and to your own products or services, a share button, some other whistles and bells to gain e-mail addresses and we’re ready for extra visitors and spontaneous leads.

Read more in the whitepaper: “Increasing the ROI of your customer evidence programme”:
Increasing the ROI of Your Customer Evidence Programme

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